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Jan 6, 2013 8:15am EST
his latest book u "power, inc.." and he also responded to viewer questions. it's about a half hour. >> host: on your screen now is the cover of david rothkopf's newest book "power, inc.: the epic rivalry between big business and government and the reckoning that lies ahead." mr. rothkopf, a lot of people think big government and big business go hand in hand. >> guest: well, they do go hand in hand, but government's playing field for power, and so business introduces itself there to guide it in the directions that it wants to go. but, of course, a lot of people in big business or in the financial community would prefer it if they went on in their way unimpeded by government, and so that's another front in this particular power struggle. >> host: one of the points you make in "power, inc." is there are some multi-national corporations who make more money, control more money than most of the governments on earth. >> guest: yeah. well, big companies, big companies like walmart, you know, have more employees than some of the smaller countries in the world. but, you know, a company like
Jan 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
institute, inc. public performance of captions prohibited without permission of national captioning institute captions copyright 1985 michael landon productions, inc. >> [indistinct chatter] >> right up in the stands. had a tight red dress on, big picture hat? anyway, every time i'd get an easy setup for a smash, i would look over at her. >> and she'd pop her bubblegum. >> or yawn. that's how come i was hitting so many of them over the fence. sir, i wonder. let me do that. you bring us up some cans of beer, will you? >> yes, sir. >> right. in case you were wondering, that's how come you broke my service twice. >> yeah, well, the same thing happened to me in basketball. there was this great-looking chick up in the stands, and every time i'd go up on a jump shot, she would pop her bubblegum. >> she popped her bubble, huh? >> yeah. up to that point, i was averaging about 20 points a game. our coach, mr. litwack, didn't care for it too much.
Jan 30, 2013 7:30pm PST
as ceo health club, inc., versus department of public health, appealing a 90-day suspension issued on august 14th, 2012 of a massage establishment permit. director's case no. msg12 -39. this matter is on for hearing. we'll start with the appellant mr. horcher, you have 7 minutes. >> it's getting late. i am soring you are feeling ill and congratulations president hwang and vice president lazarus on your ascension. all of that talk about coffee and the gentleman talking about going through law school in the '70s and i can relate to that experience going through night school. having a hard time trying to stay awake during procedures class. i recall a professor making key points and one thing he always said, you should always examine the issue of jurisdiction. i have two primary points on that issue. today as indicated or foreshadowed by brief the appellant decided to file an exemption and declare that they are going to be bond on the jurisdiction of the state of california. the california massage therapy council. i have that, if you could bring up the projector, please? it was filed
Jan 23, 2013 4:30am PST
. they have served a niners. >> if you have inc. we want to see it. stay with us for continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for the super bowl trophy. we'll have more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other local station. catch it on it's updated around the clock. we have a special page dedicated to the 49ers. you will find analysis, inc. and interviews. >> tattoos and rock music. 4:56. perfect. what's up, mike? >> just need one more thing for the lombardi trophy here. north 880 with tail lights up. construction not a major concern. map shows you things are better past the dublin interchange. the crash has cleared without slowing. south bay, typical. 101 at capitol. watch for the posted detours for the week. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> 4:57. thousands of new jobs coming to the east bay in the near future. the major dot com that will be hiring. >> plus big name support for the former raider who says the coach played to lose super bowl 37. >>> after hours of debate oakland city council deciding whether to hire bill bratton. we are live with the d
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Jan 17, 2013 5:30am EST
filed in november accuses "development alternatties inc" of failing to prepare "alan gross" or tte work he was dding in thh couutry.. but lawyers for the compaay argue hat federal law bars -3&pthe lawssit nd the case should be dismiss. gross was arreeted in 20-099 -3 and sentenced to 15 years in jail ffr crimessagaanst the state. the f-a-a is grounning all of its boeing 7-8-7 dreamliners in the u-s... fixed batteey roblems. problems.since julyy.. there'' been a growing list of reported issues with he booing 7-887 inccuding crackee - engines, and a fuel leak. the -3 3 nnw jjrsey's famous getting a makeovvr just n pime for memorial day weekend. - after the sandy last octoberrthe city awarded a 3 oint 6 million dollar contract to start work onnthe mile long broadwalk. the ccntract onll covers parrt ffthe reconstruccion butt &pa futurr ccotract includes aa &pprotecttve sea wall. 3 nasa teams up with iis european counteepart... to & xplooe eep space. agency haa agreed to provide part of he spaceship foo the &pfirst orion spa
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Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm PST
something about it. and, yet, you know, earth inc., it relines fossil energy for 85% of all the energy and it will take time. solar energy, wind energy, efficiency are coming down in price rapidly. a lot of countries are moving towards a carbon tax or cap and trade or both. even china now has a pilot. they are announcing the pilot for the national program in two years. >> jon: right. there's reasons for optimism but we have to get busy about solving them. >> jon: that's -- here is the confusion for me or the difficulty. we have to get busy solving it. there were things you could do, take a shorter shower, lick your children dry. [ laughter ] all those things you could do but the difficulty of doing it -- there room in -- can mobile al gore who has current tv and sells it to qatar which is an oil-based economy, can mogul al gore coexist with activist all gore and is that -- al gore and is that -- if you couldn't find for your business a more sustainable choice to sell to. >> i think it is sustainable. what is not sustainable about it? >> jon: a nonfossil fuel based buyer? >> look. they
Jan 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
mostrÓ poco inc n inclinada ante esa posibilidad, en otras parejas la situcaciÓn a ido a parar a la corte. >>sin embargo en filadelfiaa,. l fallo fue a favor dd e la futur posibilidle madre, porque en v divorcios comunes las parejas se pelena poan por hijos y propied no por un pre embrion. >>no es vida, sin embargto noo prisiÓn preventivaopiedad tampo. >>se espera que la decisiÓn la tome la suprema corte. >>los niÑos que consume comida rapÁpida tres veces a la sema s son mÁs propensos a conpadece a asma, porque los perros calie e calientes tienen acidos inmun a inmunosaturados, causando estos efectos, loa investigaciÓn hech por cientificos neoyorquinzelan. >>y uno de cada cuatro estadounidenses acude a fondos d de su retiro para solucioan n o problemas, pagar hipotecas y r tarjetas de credÉdito. >>vamos a una ultima pausa, al volver. >>de que manera la salsa estara presente durante la juramenta juramentacion de barack ob . durante la juramentacion del p t presidente barack obama tendra sabor latino. >>un jovencito lidera banda d, t tiene 15 aÑos y sera parte de s e
Jan 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
the director of women inc and we are a agency in the mission and thank you so much for your leadership on this issue. as you will see, in the family violence council. family violence is the number one reported crime in san francisco unfortunately and we will echo our hope for a workplace policy on domestic violence and we spoke about the positive impact that that could have not only for the survivors of domestic violence but for the co-workers and supervisor and everyone in the surrounding area at the workplace. something that i think is important to add, is that many of our clients come to us you know, they have been in these relationships that are abusive for some time. and many times we are one of the last calls out that they make. and they lean on the support of family, friends and in a lot of cases, people that are in their workplace for some support, some options. and someone to lean on, unfortunately is what we have heard is that many times the response is that they were greeted with were not productive or posive. and i think that it is important to add that we believ
Jan 10, 2013 5:30pm EST
to nfl prrperties...,,ince announcing his retirement last week, ray's familiar 5 has beeomm the top sellinggjersey...a riseeof abbut 2,000 per cent.. in fract, the populartiy of ray'' ersey has caused sale of all ravensgear to rise 8 &ppercent in the last 2 weeks.. by thh way, the player ray -3 lewis surpassed to rfeach number one:you guessed it, peyton manning. 3 we'll announce our high winner....ommng up at 10-50 &pand 11--0 on the late editiin... 3 --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 3 song parodies ... 3 song parodiis .... have... aken theeinternet storm .... - over... the... last year... / froo... "call me maybe...""tt... "gangnnm style"../.the... latest aii... a following... is by... dad.../ who... work t. it.""irl looo at that daddy... i work out." out."utah father chaad 3 morton and his kids star in this video... callee "iim a daddy and i know it".it's their take oo lm-f-a-o's "i'm sexy and i know it".the vvdeo follows morton as hh
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am EST
.it prompted a 3 mother's rights... which 3 controversial topic today. 3 today marks one year ince joo pateeno's deathhthh legendary penn statt coachhdied of lungg cancer... at tte age of 85.his &pdeath followed a child sex abuse scandal... involving reeired assistant coach jerry 3of molestinggddzens of younn boys. residentssin state colllge, pennsyllania plan o remember paterno... with a vigil. 33 blockbuster is getting ready to close 3-hundred of its u-s stores. 3 that's according to the l-a & times... whichhssys the move would leave some 3-thousand workers out of work. satelliteet-v provider "diih"".. in says many f he losing stores have reached the end of tteir &pleases. 3 today federal invvstiiatoos in the u-s are scheduled to ponduct more tests... to 3 dreamliner 7-8-7.suspicions about the atteries and a 3 the u-s and other nations... to ground all 50 dreamliiers wooldwide last week.the & 200-miilion ollars to make. 3 aree yu ur biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of & the day! 3 everyday we'lllpick one of ouu vviwers f
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the way it is, it is a tale of two cities. there is fabulous wealth and link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c in some places it would be food or shelter or love. going over the sources of passion. they see all the world for the first time the majority of people everywhere want a good job. they want a job that is above the table. that is 30 hours a week. the real key to that is going to be a local and state government. hopefully the mayor in denver and myself in colorado focusing on how do we create the conditions? we can have brilliant vendors but they can sit on a shelf. you can have all the capital without the right idea -- but without the right idea, how does it improve? the magic there is entrepreneurship. when i was a geologist, i could not find a job and after a while we opened -- i stole the idea from berkeley. we werein the first bgrerew pub. that focus of necessity -- we had to do something different. we took it and adapted it. i think that on a much larger scale, we need to find entrepreneurs, people that are willing to put their hearts and sou
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the chair: all members voted? any member wish to change their vote? the chair: on this vote, the yeas are 221 and the nays are 197. the amendment is adopted. the unfinished business is request for a recorded vote on amendment number 4 printed in part c of house report 113-1 by the gentleman from georgia, mr. broun, on which further proceedings were postponed and the noes prevailed by voice vote. the clerk will redesignate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 4 printed in house report 113-1 offered by mr. broun of georgia. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. those in support of a recorded vote will rise. a sufficient number having arisen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a two-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national
Jan 16, 2013 4:30pm PST
a budding business. in tonight's commentary, inc editor-in-chief eric schurenberg previews what's on the horizon for i.p.o.'s in 2013. >> at inc, we follow hundreds of companies that are good-looking candidates for an i.p.o. here are three favorites that haven't announced an i.p.o. yet, but are companies you'll want to know about. the first is square, started by one of the co-founders of twitter. it's now the leader in the burgeoning field of mobile payments, allowing merchants to process credit cards at a kind of mobile register and letting cutome paysing their phone. the company just became starbucks' mobile payments processor. if square keeps locking up deals like that, someone's going to get rich. the second is evernote, a suite of online programs that let you store anything you want to remember and then retrieve it effortlessly. people who use evernote swear it will one day be a household name. the company is valued at over $1 billion and the c.e.o. says an i.p.o. is inevitable. keep an eye out. finally, there's zumba fitness. the latin dance craze already is a household na
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Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
't a big deal. nobody got in. i get why they passed up monsters inc. what about craig biggio. the only thing he is juicing is carrots, april eves and ceal. -- kale. what about mike piazza? put a man in the hall of fame! for more on this historic hall of fame shutout we good to john oliver. where are you right now? i'm at the home of slugger but refuted steroid user sammy sosa. >> jon: how did he take the news? >> not terribly well. he left the house visibly upset. take a look for yourself, john. look. >> jon: oh, wow. >> jon: yeah. that appears to be a sammy sosa shaped hole in the wall. >> he is pissed, john. >> jon: al is out in barry bond's hometown in san francisco and al's hometown as well. >> sure is, jon. great city. what is going on. >> barry is pretty upset. [ laughter ] >> jon: yeah, um, that was hours ago, al when the news came in. he is still upset? >> ah -- it's going to be a long night. [ laughter ] >> jon: samantha bee is in texas clemens country, sam, is clemens angry in the same way that we've seen the other -- >> clemens is sleeping. the real monsters were the men who
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
device. this is a 15-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the ayes are 224. the nays are 187. the motion is agreed to. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one hoyer. >> i yield to mr. sessions and i ask unanimous consent that he be permitted to control that time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sessions: i yield the customary 30 minutes to the the gentlewoman from rochester, new york, mrs. slaughter during consideration of this resolution. all time yielded for purposes of debate only. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sessions: i yield one minute to the distinguished majority leader, the gentleman from virginia. the speaker pro tempore: the gent
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am PST
osed-captioned by j.r. media services, inc. burbank, ca >>> what will it take to end gun violence in america? omega boy's club weighs in, and a sneak look at what moad has in store for black historymont and choreographer robert moses with the message and meaning of moment. and news you can use. all next on black renaissance. >>> good morning i'm your host dr. brenda wade. weeks ago, 20 children and six adults were gunned down at an elementary school in connecticut. before, that the aurora theatre shooting. the columbine high school massacre. answering president obama's call, what can we as citizens do to stop the senseless violence? the last 26 years, dr. joe marshal and the omega boys club street soldiers has made it their mission to keep people alive. gun violence is the number one killer of young people. did you know that? omega boys shrub has become the national model for programs across the country and here to give us his take on how we can end gun violence in america is founder and executive director of the omega boys club street soldiers, dr. joe marshal. welcome back, joe.
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
, crei que era un cohete después me aviso el hermano que estaba inc endiandose el departamento de mi papá . >>> aúnque varios familiares lograron escapar su padre y su sobrinita perdieron la vida , estaban en un cuarto cuando se desato el siniestro , no pudieron salír son momentos muy difíciles para una familia con raices de michuacan , muy apegado a nosotros siempre al pendiente y ahora sentímos un gran vacío , saber que no los vamos a poder ver la tragedia el sabado , a las 11 de la noche enb un complejo de departamentos soy mla persona que vivia abajo del departamento que subió por el fuego una de las 52 personas desplazaban , recordaban lo sucedido . >>> era un pánico con explosiones , todo el mundo salía para fuera y luego llegaron los bomberos ella se està quedando por ahora en un hotel los vecinos quedaron impresionados para estas fechas es muy triste para la gente , en tanto en medio de gran dolor familiares de las víctimas se móvilizan para , recibir ayuda para pagar los servicios , además los abuelitos otras 3 personas incluyendo un policía fueron hospitalizados ,
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
capitÁn kirk incursiona hacia un planeta para capturar a un hombre. >>> llega esta cinta monster inc, nos mostrarÁ como mike y suly superan sus diferencias. >>> y guillermo del toro nos ofrece una pelÍcula cuando legiones amenazan con acabar una tierra, una nueva arma es diseÑada, controlada por pilo s pilotos. y x man llega para encontrar a logan, y hay una misteriosa figura de su pasado que lo cambiara para siempre. y llega brad pitt cinta de un empleado de naciones unidades para detener una pandemÍa de sombies , que amenaza con mermar a la humanidad. mÍchel william, rashel wace llegan en oz, un mago de circo llega al paÍs de oz, pero su sueÑo se trunca cuando conocen a tres brujas que no estÁn convencidas que sea el gran mago. y los fanÁticos de la comedias esperan la llegada de esta cinta, tres de los mejores comediantes se unen para traernos esta comedia, en la que continÚan las aventuras del presentador de noticis mÁs baloso de ex alcalde de nueva orleans acusado de sobornoultiman detalles para segunda toma de posesion de obamaguerrilleros colombianos secuestran a cinco
Jan 3, 2013 11:00am PST
. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.@Ñ [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. if you've ever watched judge judy, you've probably seen a lot of people that are very unhappy with her. kathleen miller says that her claim to fame is that she actually shot judge judy. what? [chuckles] first of all, hi. >> hi. >> welcome to the show. what do you mean you shot judge judy? >> well, it happened when i had a couple come into my photo studio--what i thought was just your average jewish grandparents asking me to photograph their family at thanksgiving. >> okay. >> and they sent me directions, and then about 15 minutes before i left, the name sounded familiar and it was judge judy and her husband, who is also a tv judge. >> were you nervous? >> i was so nervous. judge judy is someone you do not want to get a customer service complaint from. [laughter] >> kathleen, i know that you are
Jan 17, 2013 12:35am PST
to do? >> reporter: fire up the kiln. a booming business, bikram inc. his name is a trademark. his routine copyrighted. it's franchised just like mcdonald's. all these hard body disciples are hoping to become bikram yoga teachers. why do you think americans are so fascinated by yoga? it seems like everywhere you go, there's a yoga studio. >> because of me. >> reporter: he is not a modest man. his detractors say he has corrupted yoga with too much commercialism. >> he's trying to control and own it. >> reporter: and a tendency to bulldoze others. >> [ bleep ]. >> you don't want to get on bikram's dark side because he can make your life a living held. >> reporter: bikram started off in this country 40 years ago in beverly hills as a sort of yogi to the stars. among them, michael jackson, shirley maclaine, and martin sheen. you've built an empire. >> i've built an empire. why not? half a billion people have been benefited directly, indirectly from bikram. >> reporter: half a billion? >> half a billion people benefited. >> reporter: bikram has certainly benefited. he has a warehouse of
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
celebrations across the city, no major problems. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >>> this is a special edition of "world news." tonight from washington, on the eve of the presidential inauguration, behind the scenes. the quiet, private swearing-in today at the white house. sasha obama telling her father, you didn't mess up. this evening, the scene inside the white house. outside, the unprecedented security. what they're doing for this inauguration, they've never done before. >>> the other news tonight, after the siege, a clearer picture emerging this evening of the horror. the hostages holding their hands in the air. inside that deadly hostage trap. the american toll is climbing as investigators discover more bodies. >>> the fall-out after the football star breaks his silence. what we've now learned after that elaborate hoax. why the notre dame star might not have been the only one duped. >>> and back in washington, what a ball. ♪ at last >> tonight we go back. who did frank sinatra perform for? who decided we needed more than one of these inaugural balls?
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
by closed captioning services inc. >> announcer: the following presentation is proudly brought to you by light relief. >> hi, i'm robert wagner. when it comes to pain, what do we all want? we want a way to get out of pain that's easy, feels good and has no side effects. 50 million americans agree because they suffer from pain just like you. today, there's a therapeutic proven form of pain relief that may be more effective than anything you have ever tried. it's called light relief. it uses light and warmth to soothe and relieve pain. sounds like science fiction? well, today it's science fact. join me on a journey that is light years ahead. >> announcer: pain: it attacks your body when you least expect it, stops you in your tracks, preys on your mind, robs you of happiness, spirit and freedom. introducing light relief. an fda-cleared, led infrared light therapy that increases circulation and is guaranteed to relieve your pain. finally, there's a fast, natural alternative to pain relief that gets you back to living well, spending time the way you really want, having fun and enjoying the
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm PST
:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> right now, hansel and gretel, all grown up! >> whatever you do, don't eat this candy. the new movie starring halle berry, hugh jackman, richard gere, emma stone and kate winslet. >> they were gungho, they wanted to do it. >> the final season begins for spartacus. >> plus the biggest post-oscar party! >> it is gonna smell fantastic in the room and i know everybody is gonna want to eat. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> welcome toll on the red carpet from the ballroom inside of hollywood and highland where the governor's ball will be held after the oscars are handed out. >> i'm rachel smith. this year we're getting a preview of the big night. this is where hollywood's elite will come to celebrate. >> this is oscar's official after party. the governor's ball is where stars come to wine, dine, and celebrate right after the final oscar is handed out! >> this is the greatest party, and i think, it has to have gm our, and it has to
Jan 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
inc. >>> this is "world news." tonight -- air scare. as a crew taking one passenger into their own hands, using duct tape to subdue him. witnesses say that he was drunk and making threats. yet another case tonight, the pilot just moments away from boarding his flight from the midwest to new york, passengers waiting, suddenly he was stopped, authorities saying that he was drunk. tonight, the new results from his breathalyzer. >>> lost at sea. the head of a famous italian fashion house, missing at sea. after takeoff in a small plane. tonight, what happened to him and his plane. >>> to catch a thief. authorities signalling alarm over the spike in stolen iphones. tonight, the simple app that helps you protect yourself without going that far. >>> and the close encounter caught on tape. the polar bear. the photographer who wanted to get close who was not expecting this. >> she's coming closer and closer.
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
by closed captioning services inc. tonight, hitting hard. we're on the front lines inside emergency rooms across this country. the flu spreading fast and furious tonight. the newest numbers revealing the threat to children this evening. tonight the three things you can do to protect your family. >>> haggling over hagel on the eve of what would be a controversial pick, why one senator is already calling it an in your face choice. >>> desperate search. tonight a rescue effort under way in the cascades mountain following pings from a cellphone after a sky drive gone wrong. >>> and love letters lost and then found. more than 60 years after they wrote one another nearly every day during the war, the couple reading those letters to one another all over again. >> our love letters, how anybody could steal our love letters. >> tonight they tell us how they got those letters back.
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
news at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> don't forget to get our exclusive abc7 news alarm clock right now on the red carpet's favorite moments of the year! whoa! >> the 2013 movies with the biggest buzz! >> heros. there is no such thing. >> jimmy kimmel makes his move! >> i'm have excited to move to 11:35. >> and the oscar race heats up. >> this is the best movie that i have ever been involved with. >> with we're rollingual new year edition of on the red carpet now. >> welcome to on the red carpet from hollywood! i'm rachel smith. >> above all the glitter and glamour of the red carpet this is iconic sign, which has become the most reheymbol of the entertainment industry. the legendary landmark recently received a face-lift just in time for its 90th anniversary celebration. >> each of the 45-foot letter was stripped and repainted using two tons of paint.
Jan 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >>> this is "world news." tonight -- opposite extremes. the freezing temperatures in the west. the record highs in the east. tonight, the drivers and the farmers caught in the middle. trying to save their crops. >>> on hold. the flu vaccine in short supply. this evening, where the pharmacists are now turning away certain patients. our medical team, tonight, with the stunning number of shots already given. as we ask, how much is left? >>> conspiracy theory. the eye-opening comments from a well-known kennedy. was there really a lone gunman behind the jfk assassination? >>> and double jeopardy, what happens when you teach that famous robot too much? and the other game-show moment, what would johnny cash say about that new name for that famous song? ♪ i walk the line
Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
] captioning made possible by touchstone television and cbs, inc. [ annoyed ] i'm pure milk chocolate on the inside. and i love that about you. and here i thought you loved me for my brain. is that made of chocolate too?!!! ♪ hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. hotch: "every normal man must be tempted at times "to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." h.l. mencken. this is orange county, california. 10 days ago, judy hannity, a real estate broker and a mother, was shotgunned on the 91
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
fu movies from taiwan. "corinne kennedy, director of software analysis, ortech inc." now she's working at a temp agency. pay stub from last week. overdue bills... no wonder she's staying at home eating crackers. this is a credit card swiper. last year, drugstore clerks got caught using these to steal credit card information from customers. a high-tech low-life. wonder if her temp agency knew? man: the agency knows why we let her go. we found a spyware program on the computer that she shared with other workstations. we traced it to her. she planted it? she said it must've been a virus. oh. that sounds like a plausible reason. there was something else, wasn't there? i was going downstairs to the olympia diner, when i heard corinne arguing with a man on her speakerphone. what did they say? well, i only heard him. he said, "watch your back, bitch--" sorry-- "or i'll have your head on a stick." "your head on a stick." and then what? that's it. she seemed out of it, hyper. i had her computer logs checked. she was spending a lot of time on-line. and then we found the spyware. man: s
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